“A week ago I was sent a movie featuring highly superior experts, patients and information that was excellent. It is hard to imagine this was fully crafted by one main force–Bec Mills. As usual, it seems that major change and forces for change come from small groups or a single person. Bec Mills is an amazing, clear spoken solid healer in this movie. She knows her stuff, and wants to prevent disabilities, early deaths, and hundreds of other problems caused by tick and flea infections. The top international experts she has used to share, are very easy to hear, intriguing  and the movie is simply gripping–something to help everyone. In 50 years, we may look back and see this movie as a major beginning of the end of a silent plague on Australia, and see this great work used in many other countries and continents. Why? THIS MOVIE IS JUST THAT FREAKING GREAT!”

“ Bec Mills–a top and creative journalist and movie maker–a discovery and one with XXXXX STAR 5 Rating.  She is like the lady gardening who has a football land in her garden who tosses it back 200 miles for 400 yards with ease. She has stunning skills to weave people, seductive science and fascinating comments to grab you–and I hate documentary feels. This is like a conspiracy reality now thriller–based on science”

Dr James Schaller, MD, MAR


Researcher, Clinician and Author of 13 Books on Tick and Flea-Borne Infections



“I have known Bec for the past 5 years since I was first introduced to her at a Soft Tissue Conference in Sydney.  Bec went on to complete my Myofascial Dry Needling training the following year and she displayed an excellent knowledge and a strong desire to absorb new material.  I have watched her career via the web and her work with Beyond the Bandaid is admirable.  She is a dedicated Soft Tissue Therapist and Independent Researcher and is an asset to my profession.  I always wait for her next instalments from her website and know that she will achieve great things in the coming years.”

Stewart Condie, Bhs Acu, Grad Dip Tert Ed, Grad Dip Prim, Ad Dip Myo

Director – Allied Soft Tissue




“Bec Mills is a very confident presenter and very passionate about the health and welfare of herself and others. When Bec joined Toastmasters she firstly surprised us all by how powerful she was straight from her Ice Breaker (1st) speech. During Bec’s time at Algester Toastmasters she continued to impress us by demonstrating how quickly she learnt new Communication and Presentation skills. Now it’s no surprise how well Bec is going in exposing underlying causes of chronic fatiguing, neurodegenerative and neurobehavioural diseases.”

Jason Topp

President 2012/13, Algester Toastmasters Club, -WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE-

Brisbane QLD




“Bec Mills has worked tirelessly to document a hidden epidemic- chronic stealth infections. These are infections that avoid detection by the bodies immune system and by commonly requested medical tests by existing within our cells. It is a great achievement to both document and educate on such a devastating cause of illness.”


Emergency Physician/Medical Director, Treat the Cause Clinic

Brisbane, QLD




“Bec Mills has taken the initiative to create films that inform the public about emerging insights into the cause of chronic diseases. Her enthusiasm, scientific precision, commitment and creativity are evident in the style in which she is pursuing this project. Already her first movie has expanded public awareness about a complex scientific topic and I look forward to future films for additional impact. I am sure her films will help improve the health, quality of life and the lives of many throughout the world.”

Dr Robert C Bransfield, MD, DLFAPA

President International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation
Immediate Past President New Jersey Psychiatric Association, USA
Immediate Past President International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Robert Wood Johnson UMDNJ Medical School, USA

Redbank, NJ




“Bec Mills is a vibrant and talented researcher and producer, tackling a difficult but much-needed topic – that of stealth infections and chronic illnesses so prevalent in today’s society.  Western medicine is not adequately recognizing the significance of these infections, while many people are losing their lives and livelihoods to chronic illnesses.  Bec is at the forefront of these ever-growing medical issues, and her work is both game changing and life changing.”

Nicola McFadzean, BHSc (Naturopathy) ND

Founder/Director of Restore Medicine

San Diego CA




“Bec has been a practitioner in my company, No More Knots, for more than 5 years now. It has been a pleasure and inspiration to watch Bec develop professional skills as a practitioner, and this has been valued greatly by both her clients and us as a company.  She has a raw energy when treating her clients, and this has an infectious result of positivity on those around her.  She is dedicated to resolving the health issues of those clients who cross her path, and she happily engages with other health care professionals to ensure that the end health objectives for the clients are met.  Her outstanding ability to retain her client base is a wonderful reflection of the care and passion that she has for them, and the trust and respect that her clients have for her in return.  In the more recent years, she has turned her focus toward understanding the role of stealth infections in chronic pain and illness management.  Given Bec’s research and understanding of stealth infections, she has been able to offer great hope and relief to those who suffer from debilitating chronic pain.  Through her treatment approaches, questioning, rehabilitation and networking links with other health care professionals Bec has managed to build pathways for her clients to better health, and ultimately less pain, which is a true gift.”

Kelly Townsend

Director – No More Knots

Brisbane QLD




“With the Beyond the Bandaid Production “Invisibly Ill, A Stealth Reality,” Bec Mills has given the public an extraordinary insight into a field of medical science that has remained relatively hidden for decades – the search for hidden infection as cause of disease.  Her interviews with Psychiatrist Dr. Robert Bransfield and Microbiologist Professor Garth Nicolson, cover questions that are pertinent for all sufferers of chronic illness and their families.  Bransfield and Nicolson are scientists in the true sense of the word and are truly fascinating in their roles as researchers, teachers and defenders of the sick.”

Jennie Burke, MSc (Hons), Dip NSc, Dip MH

Founder/Director Australian Biologics Laboratory Testing Services 

Sydney  NSW




“I’ve been a student, coach, and recipient of massage for the past 15 years, and I’m very particular in choosing my massage therapist.    Bec Mills is the best I’ve found.  She’s very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into her client.  I’ve also had the pleasure of witnessing Bec’s transformation as a practitioner.  Over the past five years, I’ve seen her expand her knowledge base and passion from massage therapy into the field of chronic pain management.  I’ve had the privilege of witnessing this progression as a client suffering from ongoing fatigue and related symptoms.  Bec continues to demonstrate she has the knowledge, acuity and tenacity to reach her fundamental goals and passions.”

Taya-Gae Leemeijer

Personal Trainer, CrossFit coach

Brisbane QLD




“Bec’s persistent search for knowledge and understanding of these diseases has shown that with enough commitment to a cause people with new insights and experiences can be heard and their stories shared.  I have been lucky enough to work beside her and have seen from her passion for helping these people suffering with such problems that they will now have another important piece to solving the puzzle.”

Allie Boot

Naturopath & Remedial Massage Therapist

Brisbane, QLD




“Several years ago, and suffering chronic back pain, I was fortunate to meet Soft Tissue Therapist and Pilates Instructor, Bec Mills at No More Knots Massage Therapy.  Bec’s knowledge and skill have assisted my recovery.  Bec is a highly motivated practitioner, whose wide and independent research into stealth bacteria, and her determination to look for solutions for her clients can only heighten awareness of the problem in Australia.  She was instrumental in initiating treatment for a Parkinson’s sufferer, that has radically eased his symptoms and a medical practitioner, of my acquaintance, on meeting Bec for the first time, and listening to her discuss her work, assumed she was doing it as a doctoral thesis.   By documenting her research through visual media, Bec has made this valuable information available to a general audience.”

Nicky Bricknell

Freelance Editor, Writer

Brisbane QLD



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