Road Tripping to discuss some of the NSW HEALTH DOUBLE STANDARDS

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Just a quick heads up to let you know that last weekend I was down in Woolgoolga to interview Natalie and Steve Young, along with Sara Walker-  Interviews included discussion on the implications and impact of contracting Lyme through tick bites while on duty at work.

Other key highlights included political, medical and financial logistics of suffering with Neuroborreliosis and co-infections in Australia, treatment protocols and the emotional battle fields  families find themselves in while fighting the NSW Healths’ decision that Lyme disease does not exist in Australia.

This Thursday I head down to Sydney to interview GP Dr Peter Mayne, Director of Australian Biologics Jennie Burke, GP Dr Richard Schloeffel, Naturopathic Doctor Nicola Mc Fadzean, Chronic pain and illness Clinical Psychologist Gail Purkis and 18 year old Lyme and co-infections patient  April Blannin-Ferguson.  These interviews will primarily address treatment considerations, treatment protocols and the pro’s and cons to taking antibiotics long term.

Would you like a specific question asked?  Please inbox me your thoughts at becmills@beyondthebandaid.com.au

enjoy your week!!!

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