Beyond the Bandaid recognises the urgency required for treating physicians to give appropriate consideration to the identification, evaluation and treatment of stealth infections in chronic pain and illnesses.

1. Beyond the Bandaid aims to increase recognition of stealth infections and treatment of such stealth infections in Australia and around the rest of the world.  Beyond the Bandaid would like to help reduce the numbers of those socially and economically challenged by the burden their current health places on them.
2. Beyond the Bandaid aims to initiate these steps of action through increasing public awareness and education.
3. Beyond the Bandaid aims to encourage patients, their families and their health practitioners to challenge orthodox treatment planning and include screening and evaluation of stealth infections as part of treatment consideration for chronic fatiguing, neurodegenerative and neurobehavioural diseases.

Information found on www.beyondthebandaid.com.au is intended for education and awareness purposes only. Information found on this website should not to be used for diagnosis.  Please consult with your treating physician for further assistance on diagnosis and treatment considerations. Disclaimer*

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