Lyme Is Here In Australia: With Bare Bones Medicine Co

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Join Beyond the Bandaid Founder, Bec Mills for another road trip:

On the 29th March 2013, Bec hit the highway north of Brisbane to visit Maleny, a small town located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland where she visited Australia’s first dedicated Lyme and chronic disease clinic, Bare Bones Medicine Co (BBMCo).

Inside BBMCo, Bec chats with Lyme literate G.P Andrew Ladhams and BBMCo brain child Jodie Ladhams to gain insight into the history of Lyme disease on the Sunshine Coast, why unique checklists are important to use in Australia, the concept of stealth infections and treatment considerations for them, the hurdles and challenges of treating Lyme in Australia plus plenty of valuable information for both practitioners and the general public. Dr Ladhams reveals several home truths about treating Lyme disease in Australia, set to surely retain your attention!

Get an exclusive look inside the professional life of an Australian G.P going where many others don’t. “Lyme is here, Lyme is here on the Sunshine Coast and it’s here in Australia”

Running time: 27.5 mins Written, Directed & Produced: Bec Mills

Soundtrack: Lyrics, Vocals and Guitar c/o David Hetherington

Soundtrack engineered: Christopher Lee

2013©beyondthebandaid Australia


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