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Im just packing up my car, getting ampt for my trip to the Sunshine Coast tmrw to visit GP Dr Andrew Ladhams!!!

Dr Ladhams and his wife Jodie have recently opened up a practice in Maleny that is tailored to addressing global needs of those suffering from complex chronic illnesses.

I’m interested to talk to Dr Ladhams about trends and patterns of people who live in the beautiful bushy, humid coastal hinterlands that cast shadows on the coastlines in south east QLD.   I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, out the back of Cooroy.  I played in paddocks, rode horses and swam in dams- Yeah. Bring back the good ol times.  Wait.  Hang on.  Ticks? Oh yep, i’ve had my fair share of those too.  Wish I had known about the cocktail of infections they can give you back then when I was a teenager.

If Lyme disease “ISN’T” in Australia, then why are so many Australian’s that HAVE NEVER LEFT THIS COUNTRY, returning positive PCR, and WESTERN BLOT tests?   Oh wait…Dr Ladhams may have an opinion on that.  Hold that thought!

The long weekend also entails a trip to Noosa Holistic Health where I chat to Naturopath and Presenter Amina Eastham-Hillier about the 101 on diet/lifestyle/ herbs and supplements to help you through your recovery from chronic illness.

Home run back to Brisbane, I’ll be stopping by a Caboolture and Bribie to chat to a couple of Lyme locals to see how Lyme is taking it’s toll on home life.

HAPPY EASTER- and please make it a safe one!

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