Dr James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Dr. Schaller’s practice is a fusion of advanced research and clinical care of treatment resistant patients of all ages. He started his residency and fellowship with a passion for all medical illnesses that impact the brain. Currently he treats patients from all over the world who have failed 10-200 other healers. He is the author of 27 respected academic papers including a functional cancer cure, and is currently working on twenty books to add to the 34 completed. He has written 11 books on tick infections.

He has been elected by physicians as a “Top Doctor,” and has received many patient wards, putting him in top 1/20 per physicians and patients. He has a patent for one of the safest and best antidepressants on earth–awarded last month. He publishes in approximately 20 genre’s of medicine, and has rigorously examined hundreds of treatment failure patients to see what really works, as opposed to what offers brief relief of weeks or seasons.  He will literally learn and use anything that clearly “works” on indirect and direct lab blinded inherited patients. Meaning, “when a patient comes after seeing many smart healers, they have benefited from these great healers ruling out many diseases, but they have also tried many traditional and integrative treatments, so we get to see, it the treatment was fully tried, if it works. Some work that no one would imagine, and many treatments for routine Bartonella and Babesia merely stun but do not cure. It is why we call these “emerging infections” and why it is absurd to think we have mastered these when Bartonella has more vectors or carriers on earth, making “Lyme” the co-infection, and it is not even in most in treatment guidelines.


  • Indoor Mold Illness Treatment (The Co-Author of 3 Clear Mycotoxin Solutions Books and a Certified Mold Inspector and Remediator)
  • Tick and Flea Infections, Babesia, Atypical Bartonella and Untreated Lyme disease (Five Books & Top Journal Articles)
  • Challenging Major Depression (Many Creative Published Solutions and a Patent Pending Natural Powerful Antidepressant)
  • Challenging Anxiety Disorders
  • Excess Fatigue and Inflammation Disorders (FM, CFIDS, MCS)
  • Treatment Resistant Problems (Your Lack of Hope is a Welcome Challenge. We Love Challenges and Have Even Found a Rare Cancer “Cure” by Special Personal Research).
  • Psychiatric or Medical Illness promoting Criminal Actions
  • Opioid or Percocet Addiction and Advanced Suboxone Expertise  (Author of the Only Up-to-Date Textbook on Suboxone)
  • Out-of-Control Youth (Book and Many Publications in Top Journals)
  • Peri-Menopause, Post-Menopause, PMS, and Natural Hormone Replacement (Inventor of Many Delivery Forms, Editor of a Gyn Text, etc.)
  • Exceptional Executive Lab Evaluations (Lab Centers Need to be Trained 2-4 Hours to Do Them. These are Not 4 Useless Organ Failure Labs)
  • Biotoxin Illnesses (We Have Found Why “Experts” Fail to Help Some Patients)
  • Morgellons (We Know of 8-20 Causes. Patients Get Better Over Time. I am on the Board of Both Morgellon’s Agencies and Helped in CDC Definition)
  • Treatment Resistant Weight Gain (We Have Found Causes Very Smart Bariatric MDs Miss)

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