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Wow, what an epic three weeks it has been!

Last weekend I was in Sydney interviewing Dr Nicola Mc Fadzean a U.S Naturopath, Sydney GP/Complex Illness Specialist Dr Richard Schloeffel and Clinical Psychologist Gail Purkis from the Pymble Grove Health Centre, Director of Australian Biologics Jennie Burke and Laurieton GP Dr Peter Mayne – Interviews with these field specialists were primarily focused on treatment protocols and investigations required for sourcing out stealth infections associated with Lyme disease.  Most of the above mentioned field specialists were attending the first International Tick Borne Disease Conference initiated and sponsored by the Karl McManus Foundation http://karlmcmanusfoundation.org.au

Easter weekend, I am heading back to my home land, the Sunshine Coast to chat with Dr Andrew Ladhams and his wife Jodie  at their new Maleny Practice- Bare Bones Medicine Co-  I plan to chat to Dr Ladhams about the growing numbers of Lyme patients he is treating on the Sunshine Coast, his take on Lyme in Australia, treatment planning and rehabilitation for chronic fatiguing and neurodegenerative illnesses, and the in’s and out’s of establishing a new practice dedicated to seeing patients with tricky and complex illnesses.

I’m also heading to the Noosa Holistic Health Centre to chat with Naturopath and Nutritionist Amina Eastham-Hillier about specific tactics she recommends to help with recovering from brain fog, sore bits and low energy levels-

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Have a great week !



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